Seasons caters not for only parties, occasions and venues. Baby christening, baptism, birthdays, anniversary or just any typical parties, we also cater for corporate trainings, meetings and school events.

Individual Mealbox   Party tray - Main dishes   Party tray - with warming equipments 10 Fruit Platter

We caters for a variety of Asian cuisines, in different styles to suit your party.

  • Individual meal box – suitable for individual serving of each guest to their specific needs. Each box may contain one single dish i.e. fried rice/ noodle or a combination of dishes i.e. rice & main or rice & main & some appetisers & salad and more. We can also work with you to make the package matches your party theme.
  • Party tray – suitable for large serving of food to be shared amongst guests. Each guest will be able to choose their own selection from centralised food trays. We can cater for main courses, finger food, rice, noodle and even some desserts. The food are served in disposable foil trays. This may suitable for short serving time before the food get cold.
  • Food tray with warming equipments hiring – suitable for party that requires food to be warmed for the party length (usually up to 2-4 hours). The serving per tray is a little bit larger than foil tray. We set it all up for you and provide this equipment hiring with no extra costs (pre-paid but fully refundable equipment insurance charge is although required.)
  • Fruit Platter – our beautiful fruit arrangement platters are suitable for wedding, birthday, and corporate function. Selection season of fruit can be chosen from our menu.

Contact us at (03) 9702 2811 or send us an email to for your catering requirements and we can work with you individually to create your catering order to suit your need.

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